Our Vision
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About Us

We are a Bible believing Nonprofit Christian organization. Our top priority is to support churches in rural areas to provide innovative livelihood programs- FAITH Gardening, Children and Dog Rescue Ministry, Young Batak Art and Music Ministry, Irawan Prison Ministry, Rural Medical Missions, and Wealth Creation Project.

We support the Batak and Palawano Tribes and other underserved ministries in Southern Palawan, Philippines.

We accept volunteers to give their time and help in our organization, fundraising and accepting donations to finance and help our mission ministries in the Philippines and around the world.

Who We Are As An Organization

I think it is just as important to tell people who you are not, as well as who you are. At AHUI we are not primarily a Direct humanitarian aid agency. On occasion we do provide direct food and medical relief to local disasters. We know that there are many fantastic aid charities doing fantastic things for humanitarian aid. But our primary mission and passion is Training and teaching new skills and technologies to farmers and villagers to enable the National workers to become entirely self-sufficient building self-esteem in themselves.

All board members and trustees work entirely for free, and we do not claim any expenses. We do any necessary travel on our own dime. We pay our own costs out of our own pockets. All the money that comes in is spent in-country teaching, training and supporting our programs. We have no offices or overhead costs except for running our website. We do have a small paid staff in the Philippines.