Creating an Economic Engine
in the Rainforest

Wealth Creation Projects

God has called us to be co-creators.
  Being creative adds value.
    God has empowered us to create wealth.

In the remote jungle villages of the Batak and Palawano Tribes. We have started several wealth creating ministries that provide dignified jobs and prosperity for the community. All the products we are making use renewable fibers and materials keeping with the cultural traditions and stewardship of the land.

Pet Care Products

In conjunction with Children and Dog Rescue Ministry they are making leashes, collars and dog harnesses. These are made with bamboo fiber, banana fabric that is wonderfully water proof and one of the world's strongest natural fibers, and the traditional Batak bark cloth.

One of our essential products for the dog's care and hygiene is our proprietary "Kakawate" shampoo. We are very proud of this product because it has been exceptional in restoring the skin and fur of the badly abused and sick animals. We also make this in a bar soap.

Photo taken January 25, 2020

Photo taken January 30, 2021

This dog was found and rescued by some of the children who are registered to adopt and care for the pet. We are more than pleased at how well these dogs respond to our children and our natural organic skin products and deworming cookies. She was in such poor condition we weren't sure she would be able to survive. We're very proud of our Children and the Dog Rescue Team.

Prison Ministry

Our newest ministry will be working with the prisoners at the Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm in Palawan. If the inmates do not have anyone to help support and care for their families, their wives and children go to prison with them. The prisoners will be making useful products, many from recycled plastic materials that are gathered while collecting litter from the highways. The sale of these products will greatly enhance their family and be good for the environment.