Bringing Positive Effects
to the whole community

Children and Dog Rescue Ministry

What is Children and Dog Rescue Ministry?

At AHUI our vision is to help the tribal children earn money to pay school fees and help their families, and at the same time help solve the problem of stray, abandoned and abused street dogs.

Children's Duties:

Providing love and comfort

Stripping bamboo to make dog leashes and collars

Each child that adopts a stray dog is taught how to care for and feed their animal.

The children are provided a special shampoo, brushes, towels, and the training they need to care for their dog and teach it basic commands.

The adults help the children and are involved in making leashes, collars, and vests for the dogs and produce extra to sell for a profit. This is a regenerative industry that uses native fibers and materials.

At our events volunteer veterinarians vaccinate and monitor dogs before adoptions!


It is a joy to see the impact that our work is having on the local people. As we equip people for jobs and commerce, the stable income makes going to school possible, helps with medical needs, and brings positive effects to the whole community.

Happy Healthy Dogs. Happy Healthy Children!