A Hand Up International

"Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it's in your power to help them." ~ Proverbs 3:27

Vision: Go | Grow | Give

GO - In the world, show the love and make a difference.

GROW - People and Community- through education, vocational training, and develop entrepreneurship.

GIVE - Giving hope and help one person at a time through the positive power of business. A hand up not a hand out.

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Children and Dog Rescue Ministry

At AHUI our vision is to help the tribal children to earn money to pay school fees and help their families, and at the same time help solve the problem of stray, abandoned and abused street dogs. Each child that adopts a stray dog, is taught to care for and feed their animal. It is a joy to see the impact that our work is having on the local people. 

Young Batak Art and Music Workshop

 We believe that being creative adds value to every endeavour in life. The Young Batak: Art and Music Workshop is an opportunity to share God given talents of our volunteers from A Hand Up International with the young Batak children.

Wealth Creation Projects

In the remote jungle villages of the Batak and Palawano Tribes, we have started several wealth creating ministries that provide dignified jobs and prosperity for the community. All the products we are making use renewable fibers and materials keeping with the cultural traditions and stewardship of the land.


In response to the COVID19 lockdown in the Philippines, we started an agricultural program to address food insecurity in early 2020. As a result of the program's success we are expanding the it to include more families and introduce regenerative agricultural practices.

Roxas Medical Mission 2022

Children and Dog Ministry

A Hand Up International Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-government organization. Now, we are having our crowdfunding and raising funds for the indigenous people of Batak in Palawan, Philippines.

Young Batak Art Workshop 2019

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